What is CG Packshots?

CG Packshots was created to mark the transition to the new era of augmented commerce. With a futuristic and innovative business vision, CG Packshots comes to change the way the consumer experiences e-commerce - from the early stage of searching for a product until the final purchase.

While working with different advertising agencies as CGI experts, we noticed that clients didn’t have the ability to create a fully organized library of high-quality digitized products and share these digital assets with their partners and customers. We wanted to give them the chance to skip the costly, repetitive product photoshoots and maintain ownership of all their marketing material along the way.

With CG Packshots, businesses can give a representation of their digitalized products on their online shops, using our global innovation that allows users to interact with the product and process all its details, without losing sight of it. It’s like finding themselves in a physical shop with the assistance of a top salesman. Only online!

This need led to the creation of the Eberus platform. An efficient tool that offers a fully-equipped virtual studio, where users can unleash their creativity and modify the digitalized versions of their products according to their needs.

The ultimate goal is to help businesses enter the world of augmented commerce (a-commerce) and prepare their products to enter the virtual reality universe.